Vitamin D and Calcium Supplements Studied

Judge Barbara Finley says she's wanted to be a judge her entire life. For several years she presided
here in Reno Justice Court...
On this day she'll take care of one-hundred-ten traffic related cases.
With a hectic schedule,,,she says there was really no question she'd join the local Women's Health Initiative to find out about estrogen replacement therapy,,,as well as Calcium and Vitamin D and their effects on colon cancer and hip fracture.
"You know, white skin, small bones a female that is prone to osteoporosis and I thought that would be if anything a benefit and I didn't see any real harm."
Finley was just one of more than 36-thousand women who participated in the calcium and Vitamin D study.
About nine-hundred-75 of those women were from Northern Nevada and eastern California. Results from the seven year study show taking a calcium and vitamin D supplement two times a day helped decrease the incidence of hip fracture. Dr. Robert Brunner and investigator for the Nevada Center of the Women's Health Initiative says the effects where not huge...but there was a benefit. ": There was a 12-percent reduction in hip fractures, which was magnified in women who took most or all of their calcium supplement and for women over 60."
Brunner says the women were placed in two groups, one taking the real supplement, the other group took a placebo. He says the most compliant women on the real supplement showed a 29-percent decrease in hip fracture. Women over 60- saw a 21-percent decrease.
Even though the study is complete Finley says she hasn't stopped taking her calcium and vitamin D " I have the attitude I don't think any harm was done and I figured if anything it can only help."