Gammick Lawsuit Stays Alive

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The U.S. Supreme Court refused Tuesday to block a trial of a lawsuit filed by a former sheriff's detective who accused Washoe County District Attorney Dick Gammick of retaliation.
The high court declined without comment to review a 9th U.S.
Circuit Court of Appeals opinion last June that rejected Gammick's
argument that his position as prosecutor gave him immunity from
such lawsuits.
Diane Vaillancourt and Terri Keyser-Cooper, lawyers for Rene
Botello, issued a statement saying Botello "will finally get his
day in court." They added their client faced retaliation after
reporting that two nurses regularly used by Gammick's office as
witnesses in sexual assault cases gave incorrect testimony. Gammick
has rejected the allegations.
Botello was a sexual assault investigator with the Washoe County
sheriff's office in 2001 when he took his concerns to Gammick and
Assistant District Attorney John Helzer. He claims the prosecutors
became angry and accused him of not being "a team player." He
resigned his post and applied for a job as a Washoe County School
District police officer.
According to the suit, Gammick and Helzer unsuccessfully
pressured that department to keep Botello from being hired. The
lawsuit said he was assigned to desk duty and later forced to leave
his job.