Fireworks Fans Show Up Early

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You can't talk about the Fourth of July without thinking about fireworks and on Friday night, the skies were filled all over Northern Nevada.

But for some people, getting in the right position to see a pyrospectacular is almost as important as seeing the show itself.

And if you're wondering why your view outside of the Nugget wasn't quite as good as last year, it's probably because you underestimated just how early some people show up.

"There's no spots on the grass left," says David Rowe who set up on the southwest side of the Nugget with his family.

The family was content with its spot, but admits the real steal is getting a space on the lawn some 10 yards away. That's where Misty Boston and her family set up at seven o'clock in the morning.

"It's the perfect location to watch the kids and then see everybody," says Boston from Sparks. "It's just great. We love it."

Boston says just getting there at the crack of dawn, wasn't enough to secure the location. That's why she and her family take turns manning the area, to make sure the hundreds of others on hand didn't take it away.

"There were people here first," says Boston. "Then we ran off and got the loads and came back and then we've all been here throughout the day and there's more people coming."

Fountains and live music kept everyone busy while they waited for the big show.

"It's gonna be fun," says Boston's five-year-old daughter Madison. "And I love fireworks and I love playing in fountains."

And even though those two attractions were at the top of most people's lists, it was the overall atmosphere that really stole the show.

"I think it's great," says Anthony Mills from Sparks. "It's getting better and bigger every year. People are coming out and having a good time and celebrating. It's good times."