Carson River Damage Heavy

Carson River Damage
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It will cost about $5 million to repair damage caused by New Year's Day weekend flooding along the Carson River in Nevada, federal officials said.
Dan Kaffer, head of the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Natural
Resource Conservation Service, said floods damaged bridges, water
lines and diversion dams.
Floods also caused considerable riverbank erosion and dumped
trees, rock, gravel and sand on farm and ranch fields, he said.
Though the damage is extensive, Kaffer said, not much money is
available for repairs.
Officials' top priority is to remove debris clogging the Carson
and diversion ditches, Kaffer said. Then they will stabilize banks
and restore the river.
"Opening up those diversions gets water from the river, and
then the farmers can irrigate their fields," Kaffer told the
Nevada Appeal.
Kaffer said he was coordinating with more than 10 entities to
find funding for repairs, and compared the effort to juggling.
"Every one of the situations out there involves a different
group of people," he told the Appeal. "It's like juggling cats,
and I'm one of the jugglers."
The Carson Water Subconservancy District and the Douglas County
and Dayton Valley conservation districts are heading efforts to
find funds for repairs before the irrigation season starts, he
Earlier this month, President Bush declared Carson City, and
Douglas and Lyon counties along the Carson a disaster area.