High School Athlete Training Course

This is not a first aid course for these high school students...although first aid, C-P-R, and A-E-D training are all part of the athletic training class here at Manogue High School.
Each year about thirty students enroll in the class. Its an elective, year long course which builds upon itself from sophomore to senior year.
Junior Cassie Gonzalez says she couldn't wait to take the course. ": My freshman year I would go to football games and see those trainers down there and I thought, that's cool. I've always wanted to go into medicine and sports is really big, so, I've always thought about that. And so when sophomore year came around I was really excited to take the class."
Eric Bybee a senior at Manogue says his third year in the course has helped convince him of future career plans." I took it because I definitely wanted to go into sports medicine and orthopedics in college and maybe be a doctor and go into athletic training--specialize in athletic training so I thought this would be great training to get all the hours and a lot of on the field training and experience "
Students will come out of the course with a basic knowledge of physical injuries. That means they'll have to learn anatomy and physiology. They'll be tested. But the work doesn't stop there. They have to put in a certain number of hours after class...and if they complete enough of the course...working on the sidelines with the athletic trainer during actual high school game puts their skills to the test.
The schools athletic trainer Kelly Wilson says the program has been a tremendous asset to the athletes at Manogue. "I couldn't do it without my students they put in so many hours to help me. So it is just amazing it helps the whole athletic program."
The field of athletic training has grown larger and more diverse. While some of these student may ultimately want to work with amateur or professional athletes. Some companies hire athletic trainers to help employees. There is potential employment in the armed forces, dance companies, and even sales and marketing.