Trench Victim's Family Speaks

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Some of the tensest moments yesterday surrounded Travis Cruz's rescue.
Paramedics had to perform CPR on him...and *were able to revive him.
Cruz's brother and sister wanted the community to know that Travis *is surviving.
They've talked to him...but so far, he hasn't responded.
The family doesn't know for sure...but they heard Travis was without air for about ten minutes, before he was rescued.
Because of hospital privacy laws, doctors wouldn't tell us what injuries he has.
But, they say in similar cases like these...patients can suffer brain trauma.
Cruz was also trapped under mounds of doctors say it's possible he may have crushed his lungs, and in the process, damaged his airways.
Cruz's brother and sister are *so grateful rescuers got to him...when they did.
They're just hoping and praying he pulls through.
Cruz's family also wanted to express their deepest sympathies...for the co-worker who died.
20-year-old Clayton Gregory...had only been with the company a couple of weeks.
They say he was more than just an employee...and their thoughts are with his family as well.