Trench Accident 2000

The scene on February 4th, 2000: Construction workers making home improvements at a house are working on both sides of a retaining wall....when one side gives way.
Harry Wright becomes trapped..workers are able to uncover him to the waist..but that's as far as he will go.
Chief Joe Durousseau was part of the second team on the scene.
" Initial crews thought he's only trapped to his knees we'll have him out in ten minutes. And it ended up taking about three and a half to four hours."
Durousseau says Wright was calm at first...but as time went on he needed to be kept warm with i-v fluids and warm packs still the construction workers he says was starting to lose optimism and patience....The concern Durousseau says was keeping the area safe for workers all the while trying to find a way
to free Wright from the shifting soil....that's when Durrousseau says he came up with this plan.
By cutting a hole on the other side of the wall...dirt would run out and loosen its grip...after hours of being trapped and confined Wright would slowly be pulled to freedom and by the look on his face..not a moment too soon. His wife was on scene to meet him....and rescue workers gave him an additional pat on his back for bravery.
Chief Durousseau says its interesting to note this area has had more trench cave-ins than other areas. ": It happens routinely across the country. But as I've said we've had two in six years. I have friends who have had one in 18."