Estrogen therapy gives no heart protection

63-year old Valerie Marcone was taking combined estrogen-progestin hormone therapy to relieve uncomfortable menopausal symptoms.
" I never worried about the medication begin harmful."
That was a couple of years ago, now with more results from the Women's Health Initiative researchers know that combined hormone therapy of both estrogen and progesterone can put women at increased risk for among other things--breast cancer and heart disease.
That has meant women going through menopausal have opted out of hormone replacement therapy all together.
But the study released today shows women may be able to re-think their strategy. The Women's Health Initiative says its new study....which looks at estrogen only hormone replacement therapy does not appear to increase the risk of heart disease in women.
Dr. Michael Bloch specializes in vascular medicine and is with the University of Nevada School of Medicine.
" For women who are taking estrogen for a good reason its probably ok for them to stay on it but not in order to prevent heart disease because there is no evidence it prevents heart disease."
The study looked at 10-thousand women for seven years, some took daily estrogen, others took an placebo, Results shows no increase of heart attack in women taking estrogen. Now researchers are turning their sights to younger women nearing menopause to see what risk or benefits they may run if put on estrogen between 50-and-59 years of age.