Washoe Commissioners To Vote On Troop Withdrawal

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Washoe County commissioners will be asked this week to pass a resolution urging President Bush to immediately start withdrawing U-S troops from Iraq.
Anti-war activist Patricia Axelrod of Reno says she'll ask the
commission to support the resolution when it meets Tuesday.
Commissioner Pete Sferrazza, a Democrat, placed the resolution
on the agenda at her request. It calls for withdrawing U-S soldiers
in steps to ensure their safety.
County Commission Chairman Bob Larkin declined to comment on the
resolution itself, but says he expects discussion on it.
Last September, the Reno City Council declined to put a similar
resolution backed by Axelrod on its agenda, saying it was a federal
Councilman Dwight Dortch also noted that most members of
Congress from both parties agreed - quote - "pulling out of Iraq
right now would be crazy."
But Axelrod says public opinion has shifted more against the war
since then.