Boreal to Open to Skiers and Riders Friday

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TRUCKEE, CA--Boreal Mountain Resort confirmed with KOLO 8 News Now that it will open to skiers and riders on Friday November 1 at noon. No announcement has been made regarding whether the resort will remain open after that date.

This week's storm blanketed Boreal in 15 inches of snow.

"It feels like winter and this little bump from mother nature is really helping things out," said Matt Peterson of Boreal Mountain Resort.

But all that snow is light and fluffy, the kind of stuff that normally falls later in the season, not the kind of stuff that is good for a base.

"The 15 inches that fell, once it is packed down by the snow cats, turns into about 6," said Peterson.

Mother Nature does the first part with the snowfall, but when the temperatures drop below 27 degrees, Boreal relies on these guys to create more snow.

"The last two nights have worked out and really we need a little bit more cold weather tonight," said Peterson.

Snow cannons are a lifeline this time of year. Boreal is relying on 25 of them to create the extra six inches needed for opening.

"We're getting pretty darn close to turning those lifts on," said Peterson.

As the open draws near, crews Wednesday were training for emergency situations, moving snow into place and praying this winter is better than the previous two.

"I have been at Boreal for about three years and in the Tahoe area for about 5 years; it's definitely not something we see every year, so it is definitely exciting to see this year and gets us even more excited for the snow we are about to have," said Amanda Stewart with Boreal Mountain Resort.

If there has ever been a time to start a ritual snow dance, it's now.

If you are planning on getting a season pass this winter, now is the time to buy. Rates at many Tahoe resorts go up on November first.