Graffiti Walls

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Graffiti is becoming so much of a problem in Reno...the city council is considering a change in the building codes.
It was only a matter of time...before the tagging hit these sound walls.
Since the Nevada Department of Transportation built them...they're required by law, along with the contractor, to clean them up.
Well, that's not happening.
And, city leaders say they're having to step in.
No one knows exactly how long this graffiti has been on these sound walls.
But, city crews know for a's been more than 48 hours.
That's the longest...they would allow graffiti to be up within city limits.
Council members want the state to be held to the same standards.
Sharon Zadra says the police department is having to spend its time and up N-DOT's mistakes.
So, she has an idea.
*All the late fees the state is collecting from construction projects...give that back to local governments, and they'll do the work for them.
N-DOT says that idea doesn't make any sense...since the state isn't getting "new"'s just not paying the companies for the time they're late.
Fees can be as much as 15-thousand dollars a day...which Zadra says would fix the problem short-term.
Long term would be changing the building codes...forcing the state in the future to build sound walls with anti-graffiti coating.