Churchill Brothel Plan

Local reno attorney David Houston represented an undisclosed number of investors who want to open Churchill County's first brothel in more than ten years.
Houston has experience with representing those involved in the brothel industry. Perhaps the most famous, Shirley Coletti.
Coletti was convicted back in 19-99 in federal court for the illegal transfer of funds. At the time she was manager of the mustang ranch and represented by defense attorney david houston.
The IRS agent in charge of the ten year Mustang Ranch investigation was Kemp Schiffer.
Houston says now he finds it amusing that he and Schiffer together presented the plans for the Nevada's Petticoat Junction located on Beasley Drive off of highway 50-just outside of Fallon.
The special use permit approval last night is contingent on a couple of factors. One of those factors,
Petticoat's investors say they'll try to buy or lease the house on Beasley as well as the structure 600-feet from the proposed site.
The 20-thousand square foot structure could be expanded to 32-thousand feet and employ anywhere from 12-to-50 prostitutes.
While there was opposition to the project from those who morally objection to the brothel business, some residents living near the proposed site worried about its design and how overt it would appear.
Some local residents we talked to said they didn't mind the planning commission's move. Fallon resident Gloria Jacobson says its a business which is best kept on the outskirts of town, "And I have my family values and the values of this country. However they don't seem to be working into our lives so therefore I have to allow them their area I wish they would come into my way of life, but I have to allow that.John Sutherland another Fallon Resident says the proposal won't affect him. " You know I have no problem with it as far as its legal, tasteful hopefully, I won't be visiting it."