Slowing Speeders in Reno

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Speeders are one of the top 10 problems reported to Reno police. Now the city is launching a program in hopes of getting residents to help crack down on out-of-control drivers. All you have to do is sign a pledge, put a sticker on your car and you could help slow speeders throughout the city.

The "Pace Car Pledge" asks drivers to obey speed limits, yield to pedestrians, and resist pressure from other drivers to speed. Once you've signed, you’ll receive a decal designating you as a Pace car driver. Your job is just to follow the rules of the road. In doing so, you'll force drivers around you to do the same.

Traffic officers say speed bumps and stop signs are effective ways to control traffic flows but they also impede emergency vehicles. When Pace cars are on the road, the need for patrols is dramatically reduced.

Still... most drivers we spoke to say you're supposed to drive the speed limit, and they don't think signing a pledge will make much difference.