New Warden Cracks Down

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Citing security and safety concerns, the new warden at Nevada State Prison has shut down various programs and projects that his predecessor hoped would improve the odds that inmates would stay out of trouble once they're released.
The focus by N-S-P Warden Bill Donat (doh-NAY') on security also
has changed the routines of guards at the 865-inmate prison,
prompting mixed reactions. Some say the prison is safer while
others see potential for more inmate violence.
The emphasis on programming to help inmates once they return to
the streets peaked under Jackie Crawford, chosen by Governor Guinn
in 2000 to head Nevada's prison system because of her innovative
work as warden of the state prison in Lovelock.
But policies changed after Crawford stepped down last September.
She was replaced by Glen Whorton.
In mid-November, Mike Budge left as N-S-P warden and Donat took
charge of the medium-security prison.
Guinn spokesman Steve George says the governor supports the
changes made by Donat. The governor issued a statement saying
rehabilitation of inmates remains a key concern, but security
precautions are essential.