Spelling Bee Flap

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She spelled it right. The judge said it was wrong. And she's not getting a second chance.
Eighth-grader Sara Beckman from Reno's O'Brien Middle School
spelled "discernible" correctly during yesterday's spelling bee
at the University of Nevada, Reno. But the judge rang the bell
Her parents are furious, but organizers say they had to protest
the call immediately. They say they waited until the bee was over
to avoid interrupting.
School spokesman Steve Mulvenon likens it to a referee's call in
an N-F-L game. The protest has to come before the next play starts.
Sara says she'd just like another chance, since it's her last
spelling bee.
Her mother Cindy calls herself a "momma bear with her bear
claws out" and is ready to go to court.
Mulvenon hopes everybody can sit down together and work
something out.
He says defending a lawsuit over a spelling bee isn't a good way
to spend school district money.