Radio Talk Show Host Out of Jail

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Despite almost a week behind bars...Floyd appeared to be in good spirits, as he left the jail tonight.
He even cracked a joke with me, saying he had asked the sheriff to stay a day longer...because the food there was better than his wife's.
After waiting inside the jail for more than two hours, Floyd's wife emerged with her husband by her side.
He was wearing the same nicely pressed suit...he was arrested in on Wednesday.
For the first time, Floyd appeared happy.
As the two walked to the car, he gave his wife a kiss.
A sign that he's missed his family, and happy to be heading home.
But, before they left for their ranch in California...Floyd made his first public statement *to me, since being charged with money laundering and marijuana distribution.
We only talked for a few minutes...because Floyd was tired, and wanted to spend some time with his wife.
But, he did say he agreed with her statement on Friday...that the feds have the wrong man, and he's innocent.
Floyd remains out of bond tonight.
One of the that he can't leave Nevada or California.
Floyd's case is unusual...because he has two legal residences: one in Doyle, and one in Northern Nevada.
His travel is restricted to those two places.
Floyd's next court appearance is scheduled for April 11th.