Hit and Run Investigation Continues

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The story begins at the Reno Hilton...Where police say 35-year old Martin Rameriz-Guzman kidnapped his ex-girlfriend, an employee at the hotel.

While speeding away, he went over the curb at Glendale and Galletti and crashed into a group of day laborers, waiting for work. Most scattered in time...but three were not so lucky.

The victim was Marcos Gaudarrama, a 27 year old Reno man. He was killed instantly.

"Nothing will bring my brother back but I want the responsible to pay because it is not fair what happened to him," says Marcial Guadarrama, the victim's brother.

Two other men were sent to Washoe Med with non-life threatening injuries.

"I feel sad because of what happened. But unfortunately, I can't do anything," says Felipe Cuevas who hurt his arm.

Police say immediately after the accident, the driver of the truck -- Rameriz-Guzman and the woman he kidnapped -- took off running.

"We're currently looking for him are are working with Carson City because someone thought he was there," says Commander Steve Asher with the Sparks Police Department.

He adds that it's possible Rameriz-Guzman fled for another state or Mexico. But that it's unlikely...they believe he's still here in the Reno area in hiding.

But whether police find him or not, it's little comfort to the victim's family and friends.

"If I could see him again, I will tell him how good a friend he was."

If you have any idea where Martin Rameriz-Guzman can be found, you're asked to call Sparks Police or Secret Witness at 322-4900.