Posh Tahoe Retreat Now Public

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A 770-acre site in the Lake Tahoe Basin that once served as a retreat for the rich will be turned over to the public thanks to money from the sales of government property in southern Nevada.
Senator John Ensign calls the 75 (m) million dollar purchase of
Incline Lake and the land surrounding it north of Lake Tahoe
probably the most significant single purchase of public lands in
his memory for the state of Nevada.
The acquisition was among 187 and one-half (m) million dollars
in Tahoe-area purchases the Republican senator announced today as
Jack Carter declared his Democratic candidacy for Ensign's Senate
seat. Carter was accompanied to Henderson and Carson City campaign
kickoff events by his father, former president Jimmy Carter, and
former first lady Rosalynn Carter.
In a ceremony Tuesday at the Red Rock Canyon National
Conservation Area just west of Las Vegas, Interior Secretary Gale
Norton is scheduled to detail a record one-point-one (b) billion
dollars in proceeds from the latest round of southern Nevada land
sales, with 273 (m) million going to northern Nevada.