Guinn Opposes Mercury Dump

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Governor Guinn says he'll fight a plan a plan to ship more than 44-hundred metric tons of toxic mercury stored in four other states to a dump in central Nevada that already has more than 300-thousand tons of old ammunition and bombs.
Guinn press secretary Steve George says --quote-- "Nevada is
not the nation's dumpsite."
Allen Biaggi (bee-AH'-gee) runs the Nevada Department of
Conservation and Natural Resources. He says mercury can cause nerve
and brain damage and already has caused numerous problems in
Nevada. That includes pollution of the Carson River by old
Comstock-era mills that used mercury to process silver and gold.
In Hawthorne, Shelley Hartmann, executive director of the
Mineral County Economic Development Authority, questioned whether
the shipments to the Hawthorne Army Depot would be a big concern to
local residents.
Hartmann says --quote-- "Compared to everything else they have
stored out there, this is the least of the public's worries."