Following Instinct

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Sarah Koerner was recognized for making a phone call to the sheriff's office to report seeing a little girl wandering around an ally.
But, she wants to make it clear: this is not something she wants credit for, in fact she says there really should have been at least 10 phone calls made that morning from others who also saw the girl.

"I was in the drive-thru of the credit union and I saw her and she was walking in the middle of the road with a shopping cart full of stuff. And, she was inappropriately dressed and I thought she was very young, so I was concerned."

She had reason to be concerned, because the child who she thought was around 7 or 8 years old was actually 16 years old... who police say had been locked in the family's bathroom with her 11 year old brother for the last five years.

Koerner says her first thoughts pushed her to make the initial call to the police.
"I let them know that I had seen a child and she was inappropriately dressed. I said, you know, I'm a little worried. It's the middle of a school day and she doesn't look very healthy and they said they would send somebody out."

Just yards from the Carson City sheriff's office, Koerner says she followed the girl around for several minutes until a deputy showed up.
A mother of two young kids herself, she says learning the details about the case later only left her with a feeling of disgust... thinking these two kids should have been in school just as her own children.

"It breaks my heart when I look at my children and I look at them everyday and I hug them and I cherish them. I can't imagine how another parent, any parent, could not feel the same way when they look at their children. It's really hard to even wrap my mind around."

A local motorcycle club is sponsoring a fund raiser for the children Saturday at T's Tavern in Carson City on Carson street beginning at noon.
The cost is $10 for a single adult and $15 for couples.
All proceeds will go to a fund benefiting the children called, Second Chance.