Ensign Hurt In Car Crash

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A head-on collision Monday sent Sen. John Ensign and an aide to the hospital.
Ensign and the aide who was driving were taken to Sunrise
Hospital with minor to moderate injuries, police said.
A hospital spokeswoman said there was no record of Ensign being
Ensign spokesman Jack Finn said the Nevada Republican and a
Senate staffer, who was not identified, suffered minor bumps and
bruises in the crash that occurred on their way to McCarran
International Airport. He said he expected the senator to be
released Monday.
Ensign was the passenger in the vehicle, which was struck
"almost head-on" by an oncoming car at 7:27 a.m., a few blocks
east of the Las Vegas Strip, police spokesman Bill Cassell said.
Cassell said he did not immediately know the identity of the
driver of the other vehicle, and did not know if the driver was