Care Flight Damaged

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Security cameras caught the suspect climbing over the fence and entering this helicopter shortly after one thirty this morning..In less than one officers had the man in custody..but not before he was able to do about five thousand dollars in damage to the put it out of commission for about five hours."
The suspect turned several toggle switches in the cockpit...But then turned the fuel valve off....then damaged other parts of the helicopter including the cargo door...headliner..and map lights..He was immediately apprehended..but was able to do a considerable amount of damage in that short amount of time.
"It's amazing that someone can access and can actually kid of fudge with some of the toggle switches and things like shut off the fuel valves in one minute..And it takes a matter of seconds to climb into an aircraft and do a little damage..And we definitely have to have the mechanics go over it.."
33 year old Albert Shoars has been taken into custody and charged with malicious destruction of private property. His bail has been set at 25-hundred dollars. the investigation's possible Shoars could be held of federal charges for tampering with an aircraft.
No word on the motivation for the attempted act of sabotage.
Just as soon as it was determined that the aircraft was unable to fly...Care Flight put its Minden bird on stand-by until this aircraft was rrepaired and re-certified to fly.