Positive Business for Nevada Women

For eight year's now Judy Anderson has owned and operated Creative Specialty Apparel or C-S-A for short.
She says she's involved in every aspect of the business. From meeting with the client, to designing clothing for the casino and hospitality industry..cutting patterns to finishing the garmet.
She says it was something she was good at, and quit frankly back in 19-98 few people were in this line of work here in Nevada.
" I just sort of gravitated to the theatrical aspects of what I do. So uh, I sort of made my own career in Nevada because it didn't exist."
Which may be one reason the number of women-owned businesses here in Nevada has grown 43-percent in five years. Compare that to the national average of about 10-percent. The U-S Census Bureau study showst Nevada saw the fastest growth of women-owned firms than any other state in the country. And that is saying something--consider the overall number of U-S businesses increased by 10-percent--at the same time women owned businesses increased by 20-percent.
Other key findings in the census report,
Women owned nearly 30-percent of nonfarm businesses in 2002.
14-percent of women-owned firms employed more than seven-million people.
But a vast majority of women owned businesses had no employees.
More than one-hundred-17 women-owned firms had receipts of one-million dollars or more.
But Judy is quick to point owning a business doesn't mean the works stops.
" You don't just start a business and have it become a success over night. It is hours of work and perseverance."