Anti-Graffiti Cameras

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The city got enough put in five of these flash-cam high incident areas of Ward 2.
South Reno is one of the fastest growing parts of the city...and with *all the development, comes more graffiti.
In this Southeast Reno neighborhood...nothing is safe.
Not mailboxes, utility boxes, fences, storm drains, or even this business called...the News Group.
The News Group has been hit seven times in six months.
Four times, they tagged every truck...with four-foot high lettering.
The last time was two weeks ago.
Awisus says his drivers are usually five hours late for deliveries...because they're busy taking off the graffiti.
He says it's hurting his business, and the reputation of the company.
The police put in one of these flash cam cameras...and the tagging stopped for about two months.
But, they say it's too put one on every corner.
Officers hope the five new ones, approved by the city council, will make some difference.
This spring, police are launching a community-wide pilot stop graffiti.
For 90 to 120 days, they'll look at the problem...along the Wells Street corridor.
They hope to implement it city-wide.