Sporting Scuffles

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One Wooster High School basketball player was suspended Wednesday morning from three games, two others were suspended for one game for their involvement in a "scuffle" at Tuesday night's game against Douglas High School.
Only one Douglas player was suspended for one game.

But, it's incidents like this that have only escalated in recent years, according to the Nevada Interscholastic Activities Association who intervenes with suspensions whenever an athlete is ejected from a sporting event.

The principal at Wooster, Jess Castillo, says this is not common behavior.
"You think about the number of contests during a given season, I don't think we're talking about a lot of incidents."

According to the NIAA, initial reports about the incident say a Douglas player shoved an athlete from Wooster who retaliated by punching the other student. Two other Wooster players were suspended because they got up from the bench.

"If you're on the bench and something happens on the floor, stay on the bench. You need to let the officials and me as a coach and the administration take care of the situation. All you're going to do by stepping out on the field, or the court in this case, is escalate the situation."

That's exactly what so many of these young athletes see on TV when they watch professional teams get aggravated during the game...
well known Pacers basketball player, Ron Artest, who was suspended for the season for one of the worst brawls in sports history.
But, the school says students know that behavior will not be tolerated.
In fact, they're reminded in a brief announcement before every sporting event.

"For any type of inappropriate behavior, there's going to be a consequence."