Wal-Mart Shooting

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Was it an accident or not...Bullets fly outside the brand new Spanish Springs Wal-Mart...and panicked shoppers hide behind cars and run for cover.
Detectives are still trying to sort everything out.
But, they've interviewed two people, who were in the hills...at the time shots were fired.
Raymond Bumpus and Luke O'Brien told police...they were target shooting, and couldn't see the Wal-Mart parking lot.
This Wal-mart hadn't even been open a week...before there was a shooting.
Dozens of shoppers were relieved to find out...there wasn't a sniper hiding in the hills behind the store.
Even though...one woman, Meredith Goss, was found in the parking lot with a bullet wound to her backside.
Just to be safe...police cordened off the area for several hours.
Crime tape stretched about the size of a quarter of a football field.
Detectives wouldn't let anyone leave...until their cars were searched.
One bullet was found in the north end of the parking lot...but police say there could be more.
They heard several shots...while Goss was being helped by paramedics.
Plus, the two men were found with two hand guns and a rifle.
Bumpus and O'Brien have been released...pending a full investigation.
Police say it *is a crime, though, to shoot a gun within city limits.
They say these hills behind Wal-Mart...are well-known for target shooting.