Unspeakable Case of Child Neglect

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A Carson City girl's story of being locked in a bathroom with her brother and starved for years has resulted in felony child neglect and false imprisonment charges being filed against their mother and grandmother and the mother's boyfriend.
Thirty-three-year-old Regina Rios and Tomas Granados, both 33,
and 56-year-old Esther Rios, in jailhouse court proceedings today,
had bail set at 100-thousand dollars apiece and got court-appointed
lawyers. They face a February third preliminary hearing.
The 16-year-old girl and her 12-year-old brother - who both
appeared to be half their ages - were hospitalized. Three other
children, who appeared to be healthy, were placed in child
protective custody.
Officers responded to a report Thursday of a small child pushing
a shopping cart filled with food, and were told by the
four-foot-tall, 41-pound girl that she had escaped from her
bathroom prison and was running away from home.
Investigators then went to a three-bedroom, two-bath apartment
and found the girl's brother hidden under a bed. Officers say the
girl stated she had been kept in the bathroom since the family
moved to Carson City from Los Angeles about five years ago.