Jump Start Program

He's got a thing for dates and numbers ..Sid Willeford will tell you he's owned this restaurant for ten years, six months, and 16-days.
He'll also tell you about the day he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis back in 19-98.
" I was reading everything I could and searching the web for every thread of information I could find and I quickly discovered this was a pretty serious deal."
Over the years the disease has forced him to slow down. The wheel chair is nearly a brand new addition to his home. He continues to help run his restaurant.
But the bulk of the duties have been passed down the table to his son Jamie. At 28-he's taken on a lot of responsibilities--including overseeing his dad's medical care. "I am young to be taking on these psychological issues and stuff of a chronic illness, but it cold happen to anyone."
Each has had his own struggles dealing with the change of events. They both say they gained a lot of insight and information about M-S with the help of the Jimmy Heuga Foundation. Specifically the "jump Start" program. A day long seminar the two say..."lays it all out."
Sid Willeford says, " It is a lot of stuff you get a lot of information, its important information, its cutting edge." HIs son says the seminar helped his as well. "Explanation of the disease and what you can expect from the disease."
So inspired Sid says he attended other programs including an event in Vail Colorado, In his office at the restaurant there is a photograph. Sid is pictured with Jimmy Heuga, Billy Kid, and his two sons.
If you'd like more information about the JumpStart program this Saturday at the Atlantis Casino Resort, call 775-329-7180.
The Winter Wine and Ski Expo is tomorrow night from six until nine in the evening at the Atlantis Casino. All proceeds go to the Huega Center and people with multiple sclerosis. And Team Fiamma will be competing in a fund raiser called "Vertical Express for M-S" at Squaw Valley March 4 and 5th.
If you'd like to find out how you can help go to www.heuga.org