Northern Nevada's Worker Shortage

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Harry York, the CEO of the Reno-Sparks Chamber of Commerce says this worker shortage in Northern Nevada -- and frankly, around the country -- is largely because of demographics. Too many baby boomers and not enough qualified young people.

"We're looking at a retired group moving here: 55-60 years old. We're trying to think, how can we put them back to work," says Harry York, the CEO of the Reno-Sparks Chamber of Commerce.

Positions are always available in entry-level jobs. But experts say the real hurt is in skilled industries like technology, engineering and health care. Now, this community will have to work hard to attract these people...

"They're tech savvy, bright, innovative, hard-charging. They're looking for a community that allows them new opportunities and that provides some buzz," says Mike Reed, the Dean of Nevada's Business School.

It may sound insignificant, but local experts say even something like this kayak park can do its part to attract young workers. Same can be said about the construction of all the condos in the downtown core as they're likely to attract workers in that critical 25 to 45 demographic.

Besides attracting new people, many would like to see the skill level raised in those already here. Reed says the community will soon have to provide more training opportunities for certain skill sets.