Stalking Laws

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how effective are restraining orders?
police say they work.
but, as we've seen over the past few months... sometimes they simply *don't* protect victims from violence.
These cases usually involve an ex-boyfriend or an ex-girlfriend.
For Darlene Silva, the nightmare started a year and half ago.
But, detectives say had she let justice take its course...her stalker would most likely be behind bars today.
Since December of 2004, Darlene Silva has filed four restraining orders against her ex-boyfriend.
But, according to Reno Family each of the cases, she failed to appear to extend the order after the thirty days.
Silva says the fourth time she *did appear...but no order had been served.
Police say this shows's so important to appear everytime.
Even when someone does *all the right things...there's no guarantee a restraining order will protect them from violence.
Case in point, Wesley White.
The Reno businessman was gunned down by former work associate nine months after filing a restraining order against him.
In most cases, people obey the order.
If they don't...police say they're locked up for a 12-hour period.
Enough time for the victim to get out of a bad situation.
Silva says locking up her stalker is the *only answer.
Police say there are victim advocates in Reno willing to help.
They will even drive you to court if you don't have transportation.