Sharing Her Story

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"I want to be normal: play sports, sit in a normal desk at school. It's just really hard getting through the halls, you know."
15-year old Corrine Coyne may not be able to do everything her young peers are able to do, but she's certainly good at keep up with everyone and everything.

Corrine didn't always have to wheel herself around... that changed 11 years ago today.
"When i was about four and a half on January 19th, actually today, I got hit by a drunk driver while I was going up Washoe Hill and the guy was about 67 years old and drunk and hit us head on. I was in the front seat and my mom was driving."

She spent three months in the hospital and another three months learning how to live with a wheelchair.
But, despite everyday challenges Corrine says she wants others to learn from her positive attitude and understand why she is in a wheelchair.
That's why several years ago she began speaking at Driver's ed classes about the consequences of drinking and driving.

"I thought I should do it because I wanted to show people what could happen and I want to make people more aware and try and get less people on the road while they're drinking. Hopefully another five year old won't get hurt or killed."

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