State Workers Indicted

Two former state workers have been indicted again on charges stemming from the alleged misappropriation of public safety equipment for use in for-profit fingerprinting businesses.
Daryl Riersgard, former director of the state's criminal history
repository, and Jeff Artz, former program manager for the agency,
were indicted by a Washoe County grand jury on charges of
misconduct, fraud and theft.
Riersgard and Artz will be arraigned in Washoe County District
Court on February 16th.
Senior Deputy Attorney General Neil Rombardo told the grand jury
that the two had allowed state-owned fingerprinting machines to be
given to Riersgard's wife, Becky, for private business use.
Riersgard and Artz were indicted on similar charges last month
by a Clark County grand jury.