State Cracks Down on Discount Health Cards

When we talked with the insurance commissioner today she made sure she brought the new law with her.
Passed by lawmakers last year it went into effect in October and allows the insurance division to register companies who sell discount insurance cards.
Alice Molasky-Arman Nevada Insurance Commissioner says discount card companies were not happy with the proposed legislation. " they did not like our original bill and they tried to encourage us to change it...and in effect weaken the oversight. In the long run it was not weakened and we did in Nevada adopt a bill that right now is the strongest bill in the nation."
One main objection by those opposed to the bill. It gave the insurance division over site to not only those selling the discount health card but also those who assists the card holder in gaining access to care. She says my experience with the American Health Benefits and its Smart Card was typical and one reason why she wouldn't back down.
Here is what the sales person told me my money and subsequent card would get me.
Operator: If you are single 59.95 medical lab xrays dental vision and hearing chiropractic and prescriptions.
And here is the answer I got when I called customer service a couple of weeks later.
Russell: Why did they tell me that they would pay 60-percent ad 80% I have actual verbatims of what they told me.
Customer Service Rep: I honestly don't know, exactly I don't know I wasn't part of that conversation.
American health benefits is not registered with the state insurance division. According to the insurance commissioner most discount health companies are not. Which is why the Cease and Desist order was
issued last week to Smart Health Care Solutions here in Tempe Arizona as well as American Health Benefits in Dallas Texas.