School Uniforms On The Way?

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A national study that examined 10th graders required to wear uniforms found no significant effect on drug use, behavior or attendance.
Yet, these are some of the same reasons being discussed at Libby Booth Elementary School to take on school uniforms.

But, Yadira Izquierdo, a mother of a six year old first grader, says the main reason is cost control.
"As a parent, I see that we're not going to be spending a lot of money on a lot of clothes for the DISSOLVE whole year."

Retail analysts predict parents shell out more than 400-dollars just for back-to-school shopping, with clothing topping the list.

The principal says she has 520 students and more than 90-percent of them are on free or reduced lunch, limiting the amount of money to buy different outfits for each day of the week.
So far, the principal says they determined buying two uniforms at Target would cost about 44-68 dollars and about 60-dollars at JC Penney.
But, they're also looking at sweat outfits that are the school colors.

So what do the students think?

Fourth grader, Rickki Davis isn't so sure about the switch.
"I don't like them because everyone's individuality is gone. You don't get to wear what they want. And, sometimes it gets boring looking at the same thing on the playground and stuff."

But, Zaira Flores, another fourth grader, says it will cut down on her time getting ready in the morning.
"I think it will be nice... you don't need to every single morning wake up and pick out your clothes. You take longer just picking it and you could just get your uniform."

Despite the disagreement among some of the students, most say they will make the best of it and add some of their own flare to an outfit if it's required next year.

The school is hosting another parent meeting Thursday night at 6 o'clock to make a final decision on the uniform style and color.
A majority of the parents must approve the uniforms before it becomes a requirement.