Reno YMCA Up for Sale

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The Reno YMCA on Foster Drive is open for business.
But perhaps not for long at this facility.

President and CEO, Mark Lieske says it would cost more than 12 million dollars to repair all the problems in this decrepit, 60 year old building.

"It's not as simple as a home a water heater or a roof or patching something. The building is past its lifetime. And we could spend a lot of money to fix it and it wouldn't be worth what we put in it when we were done."

That's why it's now up for sale. In hopes the Y can move into another property -- possibly in the downtown Reno business core -- to provide its 4-thousand local members more modern facilities.

"The best case scenario is that we're in a building that we don't have to worry about the boiler shutting down and buckets where the roof leaks. And members come and have a high quality experience."

One thing Lieske wants to get straight is that in no way is the YMCA shutting its doors for good. He says the Board is trying its hardest to stay in Reno.

And once it does find a new location, Lieske says there should be no break in service for members. After all, it's the members that can make or break this kind of organization.

"Some people have left because the facility has become outdated. And so people have left to find other places. And there are some of us who believe strongly in the Y who have stayed -- I'm one of those people. I'm looking forward to what they're going to do next," says Pat Smith, a Reno YMCA member.

The YMCA plans to announce its decision --and possibly its new location -- on February 9th when the organization holds its annual Gratitude Dinner.