Busting A Crime Ring

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Traffic was detoured for hours in the blocks surrounding South Virginia Street just south of California Avenue as weeks of work paid off for the Reno Police Department.

According to Sgt. Dave Evans, with the Reno Police Department, the fraud unit and the street enforcement team were following a local fraud ring that began to fall apart with arrests last week... leading them, they say, to 30-year old Regina R. Williams, of Reno.
"Our mission was to try to track her down, take her into custody without... safe as we could on the fraud related charges and hope that we recover the bomb while we were making the arrest."

So, with 20 felony fraud charges ready, the police say they waited until she and 38-year old Anton P. Orth left a local motel and were on the street... the pair were arrested and they say they immediately found the pipe bomb in her bag.
But, this fraud ring was doing more than just carrying bombs in a bag.

"They were printing up counterfeit money along with fraudulent checks. We believe they were also involved in commercial burglaries where they were stealing the information they were using for the checks, as well as one of the subjects was a known car their stealing cars along the way."

Sgt. Evans says when they learned a pipe bomb may possibly be used in the next burglary it increased the urgency in the investigation.
"Once we started developing the names of the people involved, it was our job to try to get those people into custody, find charges to arrest them on."