Basketball Conditioning

A couple of weeks ago we took you to Manogue High School where the lady miners were getting ready for this year's high school basket ball season.
The coach here has mandated ankle support in hopes of preventing injury.
But he knows it will take more that.
That's where conditioning comes into play.
Senior Kyle Flocchini says this year the coach has taken a new tactic.": More overall like the whole package. You are running more drills conditioning longer." Junior player Hazel Johnson says the conditioning started early and its non stop. "A lot of conditioning after school before basketball season, We could come in and run a couple of miles, then go to the weight room, come in here and shoot a couple of rounds."
During a typical game these girls can expect to burn more than 11-hundred calories. Their bodies will have to run efficiently. Cardiovascular work like jumping robe will help. But jump rope is also preparing the body for the movements of the game...
Coordination drills prepares the muscles, tendons and ligaments so they aren't vulnerable to tears during the real game.
Breaking down complex tasks to simplier steps allows the body and brain to sync up..the body can better adapt to a specific maneuver.
Building muscle through weight training allows the women to protect themselves. Coach Bill Balllinger explains it this way. " It makes the young lady a lot stronger, So they can dish it out. And it also makes her a lot stronger so she can accept it. You know she doesn't get knocked down with an elbow she doesn't get knocked down with an occasional shove she stands and it able to take that punishment. "
As you can imagine the conditioning process takes time, but the effort spent here and in practice can mean longer play with less injury.