Roe v. Wade

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Dozens hit the streets across the country, and in Reno, to display their support for life and rally against abortion.

Kathleen Rossi, with Nevada Right To Life, says she will always be an outspoken advocate.
"We're really here to speak for those who can't speak for themselves, the unborn. And, also for the millions of women who have been hurt by abortion."

The divide is strong between choice and life, but many will agree the decision is never easy... especially on an anniversary of a decision that changed so much in the United States.

Pat Elzy, the director of legislative affairs for Planned Parenthood, says she remembers when things were different.
"Roe is much more than abortion. Roe stands for privacy. Roe stands for health. Roe stands for safety, freedom from government interference in making private decisions."

Janine Hansen, a pro-life advocate, says she first starting working on the issue in 1971.
Now she's joined by her daughter and grand-daughter.
"When we go into our children's classes today, one-third of the children that should be there aren't because they've been aborted. So, today is a memorial for those 47 million children killed by abortion."

The National Center for Health Statistics says 43-percent of women in the US choose to have an abortion sometime in their life.
Planned Parenthood, and some at the rally, say the discussion about having a child needs to happen before a pregnancy... because the times have changed.

"It's important to understand that in the US, birth control has only been legal for married couples since 1965 and then for unmarried women since 1972. That's not that long ago."

According to the Centers for Disease Control, the number of legal abortions increased from 1973-to-1990 and has since decreased.