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Nevada is known for it's gaming, but what out our gamers?
In tonight's teaching our kids, we look at a class for college students that is geared to get them high paying jobs that are exciting at the same time.

TMCC programming and design instructor, Jeff Wallcae, understands what those in the industry are looking for... he, too, is a design consultant with game architects.
"One of the things we have people in the industry is it's great if people have skills... that they're able to work with people and work in a team environment."

So, he created the class where students of all ages and backgrounds are forced to work together to create a product that could sell.

Terri Le is a card dealer at a local casino, but with two teenage girls at home... she says she became entranced with on-line games.
"I always dreamed that one day I could design those games. So, when I heard the offer, I said yes, I'll be in the class."

Now, she sees a possible career in the casino industry that could use her new skills to program games.

But, Michael Ganshow, a student, says he hopes Northern Nevada will go beyond casino gaming into more of this vast profession.
"Northern Nevada is untapped in the minds that are here and it opens up maybe the people who wouldn't be going for it... maybe gets a few fresh minds in the game industry...."

And, that is exactly the idea behind this class and approved by these students who took the first class of it's kind at the college.