Cease & Desist

You may remember a couple of months ago we took advantage of one of the several discount health card offers, to see if it lived up to it's promises.
the company flyers come across fax machines at homes and businesses frequently.
The company, American Health Benefits made me a lot of promises.
Operator: "Cover 80-percent medical lab and x rays, 60-percent dental, 55-percent vision and hearing 60-percent chiropratic and 50-percent prescriptions."
We set up a account and purchased the plan for $59.95 a month which would be taken out of my checking account each month.
But as we found out...while the money came out...no one in town would honor the card...additionally the company was not registered with the state insurance commission in accordance with a new state law which is why the cease and desist order was sent out today.
Under the order
American Health Benefits and Smart Health Care Solutions must stop doing business in Nevada.
Advises both companies they are subject to a fine of two-thousand dollars per violation
Orders them to provide the insurance division with the names of all Nevada residents who participated in the program.
Orders them to provide the names of those who sold the discount card here in Nevada
And provide the division with any and all marketing material.
we know one of those orders is headed to east Broadway Road in Tempe Arizona, that's where I talked to one customer service representative about promises made to me, but not kept.
Russell: "Why did they tell me they would pay 60-percent or 80-percent I have verbatims of what they told me.
Customer Service: "I honestly don't know I was not in that conversation."