Five UNR Horses Test Positive

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Officials say five horses at the University of Nevada, Reno's Equestrian Center have now tested positive for
The cases involve two horses that are privately owned and one
that had to destroyed since the first case was identified on
January 9th.
Veterinarian Joe Coli of the Comstock Large Animal Hospital says
the latest test results suggest to him that there may be more cases
not yet detected.
The two privately owned animals aren't sick but are considered
"shedders" of the bacteria. Officials say they have been isolated
at the center.
A third shedder owned by the university was sent to U-N-R's S
Bar S Ranch near Wadsworth last week.
University officials plan a meeting tonight with horse owners to
update them on testing and discuss their options.
Coli says another series of tests will be run this week, and
five tests are needed to adequately diagnose whether a horse is