Shoot and Surrender

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Just after 5 p.m. Monday night, 23-year-old Eric William Musbaun and another man were riding in a blue car in the 1500 block of Sky Mountain Drive. They apparently were arguing, and when the fight escalated, police say the victim exited the car. That’s when they say the Musbaun shot the victim in the stomach.
Witnesses stayed with the victim until an ambulance arrived, and covered him with a blanket. He is expected to fully recover.
Less than an hour after the shooting happened, police received a 911 call from Musbaun leading them to his location….Scolari’s Supermarket in Lemmon Valley. Investigators say Musbaun had called his parents who urged him to contact police right away. It is still unclear how the two men know each other or why they were fighting. Police say both the suspect and victim are not telling them much.