Schools Get Achievement Money

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Education officials have begun distributing $91 million set aside by the state Legislature to increase student achievement statewide.
More than $54 million is headed toward 236 public schools in
Clark County.
The Legislature appropriated the money to the newly created
Commission on Educational Excellence. The commission was charged
with reviewing schools' applications for funding and deciding which
programs should receive support.
Commission Chairwoman George Ann Rice has said the schools and
districts asked for $50 million more than was available.
The $54 million awarded to Clark County schools represents 56
percent of the $96.3 million that the district and its individual
schools had requested.
Among Clark County schools, Rancho High School received the
biggest individual grant of $611,773. Martinez Elementary School
received $604,219, the largest grant among elementary schools. Only
one Clark County school was shut out from the funding. Tate
Elementary School sought $174,606 but did not receive any money
from the amount appropriated by the 2005 Legislature.
Washoe County School District and schools were allotted $15.2
million, with Sun Valley Elementary School getting the largest
grant awarded to a school. The Carson City School District and
schools will receive $837,350.
George Ann Rice, chairwoman of the commission, said 60 schools
statewide did not receive funds because of problems with their
applications. But the commission plans to allocate $5 million more
in grants in April, with priority being given to the 60 schools
with faulty applications or that did not apply for this round of
The commission also has created guidelines for evaluating the
programs. Gloria Dopf, assistant state superintendent of public
instruction, said she will work with school district
superintendents to select a company or individual to evaluate the
effectiveness of programs funded.