Nevada Blood Shortage

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Paul Stockton says he used to donate blood regularly, and he's ready to get back in the habit... thanks to some encouragement from his sister.
"I've wanted to give blood for a long time. And, we were just out running errands and my sister said, let's go donate blood real quick.' Real quick? Ok, let's go."

His donation is needed.
Southern Nevada issued an emergency blood shortage last week.

Candy Nolte, with United Blood Services, says they are the blood provider for the entire state, so the shortage affects northern nevada too.
"What happened this year is we just had a higher increase in our demand. Locally, our demand here is running about 10-percent over."

United Blood Services says they are already rationing all negative blood types throughout the state according to need... although they usually expect a "slow-down" during the winter, this year is worse than expected.
Platelets are always on high demand, and requires about two hours of your time to donate.

But, platelet donor Gary Vaughn says for him, it's personal.
"My oldest daughter was diagnosed a year ago with cancer and she gets chemotherapy. She has to receive platelets quite often. I think it's my responsibility in helping out the community."

Nolte, says he really is helping out an entire community.
"Platelets is only a product that lasts five days. We can't put preservatives in it. So, it doesn't have a very long shelf life."