Drinking and Driving

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Senior, Tiffany Merlino, says she has seen the problems that occur when her friends are at a party.
"I actually got into a fight with one of my friends because she wanted to go home. She thought she was ok. I was like, 'no, give me your keys,' because it pops into your mind that that's a life changing decision right there."

These high school students admit they have seen the effects of alcohol on their friends and classmates... but, they all agree they hope they never see one involved in a drunk driving crash.

A horrific example of just such a crash happened late tuesday night, leaving seven people, including six teens, injured when the car they were in ran into a pole.
Alcohol was found in the car.

15-year old Corrina Coyne says she is an example of a drunk driving crash... ten years ago she was in the car with her mom on Washoe Hill when they were hit head on by a drunk driver.
"I just try to get them to drink responsibly, if they are going to drink. I'm right here, and I'm a perfect example of what could happen."

That's exactly the message Brandon Silveria and his dad, Tony, have already shared with almost 3 million students across the country.
The story begins when Brandon dropped off three friends after a night of partying...
"He was sitting in this lane of traffic and another car came along and hit him right on the driver's side door."

It took Brandon two months before he came out of a coma, and then another four before he spoke... a year and a half later, he came home.
Now, he says it's his turn to turn this event into something positive.
"I know that I have an effect. I know that I'm helping them to understand and hopefully help them to make the right choices."

Brandon and his dad have traveled to every state in the country, going from school to school throughout the year for The Century Council which is a non-profit organization funded by the alcohol industry.