State Moves Forward With Canadian Drug Plan

A state panel has moved ahead with a plan to let Nevadans get low-cost drugs from Canada despite a warning from
the state attorney general that the plan is an ill-conceived
"misadventure" with potentially dire legal consequences.
The state Board of Pharmacy voted four-to-two to proceed with
the import program after Assembly Majority Leader Barbara Buckley,
the law's chief sponsor, said Attorney General George Chanos was
wrong. She said the board shouldn't let this country's
pharmaceutical industry "dictate public policy to the state."
Buckley was backed by several lawmakers, senior citizen and
retiree groups, union representatives, doctors' groups and others
who had backed the new law, passed in 2005, even though it puts the
state at odds with the federal Food and Drug Administration.
It will be several months before Nevadans will be able to take
advantage of the program. The Pharmacy Board must first complete
the process of writing rules for the program and getting a final
approval from lawmakers.
Just before the Pharmacy Board meeting, conducted by
teleconference in Las Vegas and Carson City, about 100 people
rallied in Las Vegas in support of the drug import plan. A similar
rally was held at the Legislative Building in Carson City.