Canadian Drug Law Debate

Under the new Nevada law residents would be able to access Canadian Drugs with the help of a state run website.
That website would contain the names of pharmacies in canada, licensed by Nevada's state board of pharmacy.
Ideally this design would allow seniors or others in need of low cost medication to gain access to safe prescriptions through the Canadian system. Sponsor of the bill Barbara Buckley testified last March about cost savings.
"Lipitor, in Canada its 35 dollars and four cents the lowest cost using a Medicare Discount Card is 64 dollars and seven cents."
When Buckley's bill was introduced and as it made its way through both houses it stated the canadian drugs had to be approved by the F-D-A or its Canadian equivalent. But during the waning hours of the legislative session in June, that wording got changed. The final bill would only allow for the importation of F-D-A approved drugs. Approved by both houses and signed into law...Nevada's newly appointed attorney general says the Canadian Drug bill will not work under Nevada law.
In an interview with the associated press George Chanos "the current language is the wrong language, it's indefensible. Last week, Buckley responded to that a-g opinion this way. "To not approve this law because the packaging is written in french and english is absolutely ludicrous
Now the decision is left up to the state pharmacy board. Do they abide by the attorney general's opinion?. Or do members as Buckley suggests, take the opinion of the legislative council bureau which says the intent of the legislature is paramount...which means law makers want Canadian pharmacies to do business here.
We'll find out Thursday as the board meets in Las Vegas.