Going Back Up

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After three months of falling prices at the pumps, the cost of gasoline is on the rise again across most of Nevada.
For the first time since October, the average price for a gallon
of regular unleaded has increased to a statewide average of
two-dollars-32 cents.
That's five cents more than a month ago and 43 cents higher than
January 2005.
Triple A of Nevada reports that the increase makes Nevada's
average equal to the national average of two-dollars-32 cents.
Nevada traditionally has some of the highest gas prices in the
country, but Triple A spokesman Michael Geeser says that changed
this fall after a series of hurricanes disrupted production in the
Gulf of Mexico.
Geeser says prices traditionally go up in January as a result of
scheduled maintenance at California refiners. The rising cost of
crude oil helped push the price up more than usual this time
The cheapest gas in Nevada now is in Elko, where prices actually
dropped a nickel over the past month to two-dollars-17-cents. The
most expensive is two-dollars-42 cents in Carson City, up 17 cents
from a month ago.
Las Vegas has seen a seven-cent increase to two-29 while Reno
experienced a three-cent hike to two-38.