D-Day for Canadian Pharmacy Plan

Debate over a stalled plan to help Nevadans get low-cost drugs from Canada is heating up in advance of a state Pharmacy Board meeting Thursday that could determine whether the plan moves ahead or dies.
Assembly Majority Leader Barbara Buckley, who pushed the plan
during the 2005 Legislature, says she hopes the board would
--quote-- "do the right thing" and ignore a threatened lawsuit
from the pharmaceutical industry.
Buckley also says that despite an opinion from Attorney General
George Chanos (CHAY'-nos) that the plan can't be defended from
legal attack, the lawmakers' own chief legal counsel has an opinion
that says the opposite.
Chanos says Buckley has --quote-- "perpetuated a hoax" by
claiming his opinion shows he's not supportive of seniors. He adds
the language in the new law is indefensible.
Deborah Moore of the Nevada A-A-R-P said association members
plan to be at the hearing to support the new law. The Nevada
Alliance for Retired Americans and the Progressive Leadership
Alliance of Nevada are circulating an Internet petition in support
of the drug program. Rallies also are being organized.