Wind Damage in Carson City

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The national weather service reported a gust of wind reaching 98 miles per hour Saturday night leaving a mess in it's path at the corner of Fairview and Idaho Street.

Rick Mitchell says one of his clients at the Silver State Fitness Club called him Sunday morning saying things weren't looking good at the gym.
"It's odd. You drive around the neighborhood and you don't see that much damage anywhere else. It's almost like a gust of wind funneled through here and hit this building."

The owners of the club agree, since most of the front siding and an entire overhang were ripped off the building and blown throughout the area.
Witnesses say it sounded like a tornado from the west and traveling east down Idaho street, leaving a path of destruction in it's wake.

The wind blew out the windows of 8 vehicles at Tip Top Amusement which sits directly behind the gym, you can see where pieces of plywood drilled through not only the cab of this truck, but also the aluminum garage door: both examples of the strength of this wind.

And, as with many storms, Gene Clot who lives on the street, says the calm came shortly after the fury.
"Right after the wind had passed through, it passed through in about 40 seconds, and then it was just extremely calm after that. No wind, no nothing."

Neighbors and business owners say the clean up did begin Sunday, but for the Silver State Fitness Center, owners say people should be able to get back to their new year's resolution within a couple of days.